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The USMNT will start the last round of World Cup qualifying against Mexico in Columbus

One of the biggest games on the American soccer calendar comes earlier than usual.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

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The United States won their World Cup qualifying fourth-round group on Tuesday, setting their schedule for the final round of qualifying. They open the Hex schedule against Mexico, who they'll face on Nov. 11 in Columbus, Ohio.

For those unfamiliar with the process, there are six teams remaining in CONCACAF qualifying. Three of them will go to the World Cup, while one goes to an intercontinental playoff and two will be eliminated. Each of the six remaining teams will play each other twice, home and away. Those 10 matches per team are spread out between Nov. 2016 and Oct. 2017, starting with that USA-Mexico game.

If you're looking for tickets, you can't find them yet. If you're an American fan, your best bet is to join American Outlaws and follow them for info. If you're a Mexico fan and you don't have a ticket connect, have fun paying hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

Goal of the day

Juanpi's stunner for Venezuela against Argentina. (r/soccer)

In the news

Rest did Lionel Messi good and he could play this weekend. (Sport)

Christian Eriksen has signed a new contract with Spurs. (@SpursOfficial)

Bad Spurs news: they're going to do Premier League-NFL double-headers. Groan. (Mirror)

Chicharito is back in training and should be able to play this weekend. (Bundesliga)

Jill Ellis spoke out about Hope Solo's suspension and contract termination. (SI)

Haha, someone signed Nicklas Bendtner. (Guardian)

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What happened on Tuesday

Christian Pulisic was the star for the USMNT.

Mexico drew 0-0 and their coach is on the hot seat.

Guatemala legend Carlos Ruiz scored five goals in his final game. (LA Galaxy)

You can find results and tables from all the World Cup qualifiers here. (FIFA)


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