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Frank Lampard wins MLS Player of the Week for Week 26

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

MLS doesn't usually play on Thursday nights, but last week's game, between New York City FC and D.C. United, was a doozy.

D.C. took the lead in the first half on the road, and admittedly the game was a snoozer through the first 75 minutes or so. But a mistake from the visitors opened the door to an NYCFC comeback, with David Villa tying up the game, before Frank Lampard scored the go-ahead goal late, seeming to seal the win. But Lamar Neagle scored an even later equalizer, before Lampard again scored the go-ahead goal, this time sticking, to give NYCFC a 3-2 win.

As a result of his late heroics, Lampard was voted SB Nation's MLS Player of the Week for Week 26. We may jest from time to time about goals being the deciding factor in this vote, but this time, scoring the winner twice late on makes it a pretty solid choice, all things considered.

Full results for Week 26, with first-place votes getting three points, second-place votes receiving two points and third-place votes earning a point each:

Player Points
Frank Lampard 22
Mauro Diaz 17
Michael de Leeuw 8
Sean Johnson 7
Razvan Cocis 2
Giovani dos Santos 1
Lee Nguyen 1
Brad Knighton 1
Gershon Koffie 1

And here are the full ballots for Week 26:

Voter 1st 2nd 3rd
Jason Longshore (Dirty South Soccer) Frank Lampard Michael de Leeuw Mauro Diaz
Jason Poon (Big D Soccer) Frank Lampard Mauro Diaz Giovani dos Santos
Sam Dunn (Hudson River Blue) Frank Lampard Sean Johnson Mauro Diaz
Austin Fido (Once a Metro) Frank Lampard Michael de Leeuw Mauro Diaz
Ryan Keefer (Black and Red United) Mauro Diaz Frank Lampard Lee Nguyen
Michael Citro (The Mane Land) Frank Lampard Sean Johnson Mauro Diaz
Eugene Rupinski (Brotherly Game) Sean Johnson Frank Lampard Mauro Diaz
Jonathan Sigal (The Bent Musket) Mauro Diaz Michael de Leeuw Brad Knighton
Dave Clark (Sounder at Heart) Mauro Diaz Razvan Cocis Gershon Koffie
Alicia Rodriguez (Angels on Parade) Frank Lampard Michael de Leeuw Mauro Diaz