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Ronaldinho to MLS rumors are back again

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Maybe he'll really come this time?

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Ronaldinho is 36 years old and hasn't played since September of 2015. And yet, because he's Ronaldinho, he apparently has offers from teams in the Chinese Super League and MLS.

"The idea is to play one more year," said Ronaldinho. "I've had the chance to play [in the U.S.] many times. I have a lot of friends, many directors at clubs. And now I've got the chance to play there again. It's an option, but what I most want is to have the chance to travel, to promote the things I want to do."

Ronaldinho's fitness wasn't the greatest during his recent stint in Mexico, but he was effective enough to help Queretaro to the Liga MX playoffs. But he recently had to walk away from his contract at Fluminense in Brazil because he didn't feel like he could play up to the standard that was expected of him.

For any MLS team with ambition of winning trophies, Ronaldinho would need a team built to mask his deficiencies and allow him to run as little as possible, or just be a late-game substitute. From a pure soccer perspective, he's almost certainly not worth giving a Designated Player contract to.

But come on, he's Ronaldinho. You'll pay to go see Ronaldinho, right?

Classic all touches of the day

No soccer of consequence on Thursday, so here's Gareth Bale clowning Inter Milan.

In the news

Landon Donovan has come out of retirement to play for the LA Galaxy.

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid's transfer bans have been confirmed by FIFA. Real Madrid is appealing to CAS. (Managing Madrid)

If the ban is upheld, they can still register players they have on loan when their loans expire. (AS)

Sepp Blatter's being investigated by FIFA for bribery even tough he's already suspended for something else. (BBC)

Neymar's agent says he almost moved to PSG for £650,000 a week. Neymar just signed a new contract with Barca. (Guardian)

Jose Mourinho is getting that beer money. (Telegraph)

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What to watch on Friday (click for listings, all times ET)

Bundesliga: Schalke vs. Bayern Munich (2:30 p.m.) -- There will be goals.

MLS: Sporting KC vs. Dynamo (8 p.m.) -- The west playoff race is super tight, and Sporks are trying to hang on to their spot.


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