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Juventus scrapped their classic crest and their new logo is literally just the letter ‘J’

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Here is the classic Juventus crest.

Here is the new Juventus logo.

I am not a graphic design expert, and it’s possible there’s something brilliant I’m missing here. But even if you try to explain it to me, I have a counter argument: Their logo is just the dang letter J.

Club president Andrea Agnelli is waxing poetic about the new logo, saying that it “defines a sense of belonging” and a “symbol of the Juventus way of living,” even though it is literally just the letter J.

Juve’s branding experts also failed to consider that it’s now very easy to make fun of their failures by rotating the logo 180 degrees and making it into an L.

Anyway, here is their slick PR video if you think I’m completely full of it and this logo is cool.