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Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka picks nose instead of playing defense during Watford’s winning goal

He’ll hope the team isn’t watching tape together this week.

Leading up to the last international break, Arsenal showed signs that it had improved and was capable of making its way back into the top four. But Gooners are bemoaning the same old Arsenal after Tom Cleverley scored in the 93rd minute on Saturday to lift Watford FC to a 2-1 victory.

Poor defending is immediately apparent watching that goal, but what you might not have noticed is why Granit Xhaka failed to track his man, the goal-scorer Cleverley. Thanks to r/soccer user Ole_Gunner_Scholes, we have this gif that shows a perfect shot of Xhaka picking his nose instead of playing defense.

Previously in Arsenal not playing defense, here are two Gunners obliviously looking at coaches on the sideline while Liverpool attacks the goal behind them.