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FC St. Pauli celebrates avoiding relegation by giving fans free beer

Still one of the world’s most popular clubs for so many reasons.

St. Pauli had an absolute roller-coaster of a season in the 2. Bundesliga, spending much of the year near the relegation zone. But they rallied to five wins over the last six weeks to stay in the second tier of German soccer, and they’re celebrating by giving their fans free beer.

If you’re unfamiliar with St. Pauli, they’ve gained fans around the world for their commitment to fighting racism, sexism, and homophobia, as well as supporting their local community in Hamburg. They’re also known for their party atmosphere before and after games, win or lose, so the free beer probably went over even better with St. Pauli supporters than it would have with others.

You might not have seen their actual crest before, but you’ve probably seen their skull and crossbones supporters’ logo around.

St. Pauli’s club philosophy and great late-season run has even impressed opposing managers. After Sunday’s game, a 1-1 draw, SpVgg Greuther Fürth manager Janos Radoki spoke about his admiration for St. Pauli.

And now the fans, players, and staff get to celebrate. Not just their great results, but their great community.