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Juventus sign Blaise Matuidi for €20 million

Juventus are getting a solid midfielder to add to their arsenal.

France v Romania - Group A: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

After more than a month of speculation, Juventus have finally gotten their man, signing French international midfielder Blaise Matuidi from Paris Saint-Germain after agreeing to terms on a transfer for €20 million plus bonuses and finalizing the move on Friday.

Matuidi will help reinforce a Juventus midfield that seems a little thin after last season, giving them a player with versatility and quality at a time that they need more of that, especially with Serie A getting stronger around them. At 30 years old, he doesn’t have the long-term impact he once could have offered, but he’s still an excellent player who fills a definite need for Juventus in the here and now.

This transfer comes just after the six-year anniversary of Matuidi’s arrival at PSG, and he definitely was a major part of their club. Brought in as part of their rise from being a Ligue 1 also-ran to a powerhouse with huge financial backing that dominated France and became at least something of a factor in the Champions League, Matuidi played 295 times for PSG during his time in Paris. He was one of the best midfielders in all of Europe while serving as a part of the PSG side, and became a core part of the French national team during that time as well.

It’s a good transfer for Juventus, and while it’s not the most profitable transfer possible for PSG, it was time for Matuidi to move on to the next phase of his career, and this move works well for everyone. It’s going to be interesting to see what exact role Matuidi plays for Max Allegri and Juventus, and hopefully he can continue to be a solid, enjoyable player for a long time to come.