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Alexi Lalas’ USMNT takedown resonated with fans, but it was just some amped-up yelling

There might have been a tiny kernel of truth in his rant, but there’s a good chance it was mostly fake.

The United States men’s national soccer team has a loss and a draw over its last two games, and is now in danger of missing out on the World Cup. Former USMNT defender and current Fox Sports pundit Alexi Lalas wants you to think he is very mad about this, so he did some yelling, and it’s got the USMNT fanbase riled up. Listen to these lava-hot takes.

As Lalas is a beloved former player for the USMNT, this video has become popular very quickly, but it seems more likely than not that Lalas is performing a bit. Notably, none of the people that Lalas names have responded publicly yet, suggesting that they know that he was performing a bit.

These takes likely started as the small seeds of legitimate opinions in his brain, but he planted those seeds in the fertile ground that is a Fox Sports broadcast and dumped a chemical super-fertilizer on them, causing the seeds to instantly burst and sprout gigantic mutant plants that reached the clouds. They are arguments that come from a world where all takes matter, and they are explicitly designed to be spread around and have debated as if they were made in good faith. In this endeavor, Lalas and Fox have succeeded.