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Professional moron Martin Solveig asks Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg to twerk

I’m so sick of this.

VfL Wolfsburg v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Womens Champions League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Ada Hegerberg is probably the best player in women’s soccer, and was justly honored on Monday with the women’s Ballon d’Or.

Hegerberg was dominant in the 2017-18 season, scoring 42 goals across all competitions, including 14 in the Champions League. At age 23, Hegerberg already has 272 professional goals.

So uhh ... here’s professional DJ/shithead Martin Solveig asking her if she knows how to twerk? Via Copa90’s Aaron West:

Hegerberg has been the best striker in Europe for four years, but got passed over for the FIFA awards because they’re largely popularity contests. There were women’s Ballons d’Or awards during the period when the award was merged with FIFA’s awards, but this is the first time in 62 years that France Football has presented an award for the best women’s footballer on the planet. She finally got the recognition she deserved, and this asshole couldn’t let her enjoy it for five minutes without objectifying her.

You’ve probably read a million blog posts about how incidents like this are sexist and disrespectful, and that’s because they are. But people are going to keep posting them, because people like Martin Solveig still exist, and inexplicably still get platforms to treat women like garbage in front of the whole world.

Ada Hegerberg rules and I’m honestly a little sorry for amplifying this jerk at all, so please watch this video of her being extremely good and cool.