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Brandi Chastain’s World Cup-winning goal demands a deep rewind

If you grew up in the United States and paid even the faintest attention to sports, you have seen the moment that made Brandi Chastain famous: The penalty kick goal, the reaction, the celebration.

But how much do you remember of what Chastain was celebrating, and what came before it? In this episode of REWINDER, we reflect on the incredibly tense game that preceded the winning penalty kick. The United States met a foe of equal strength in China, and played them even thanks to what was some pretty radical defense at the time. Michelle Akers played a gritty game but succumbed to injury, while Brianna Scurry and Kristine Lilly warded off disaster with some heroic plays.

And even just examining Chastain alone, there is some fascinating history immediately preceding the goal: Her previous penalty kick against Chinese keeper Gao Hong, her rollercoaster performance in the quarterfinal against Germany, and the coaching overrule that led to her even being in the position to shoot.

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