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Massive swarms of bugs are welcoming England and Tunisia to the World Cup

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Fans traveling to South-West Russia to see England play Tunisia on Monday are getting met with the worst welcoming party imaginable — all the bugs.

The city of Volgograd is experiencing a huge number of flies and mosquitos, which is to be expected in summer, but eyes on the ground say it’s far more extreme.

Volgograd sits on the southern banks of the Volga River, which experiences a huge spike in water temperature in June and June. Water is expected to reach as high is 68 degrees on Monday, and when paired with air temperatures in the mid-high 80s as well as low wind, it creates the perfect conditions for flies and mosquitos.

Fans are warning each other on Twitter to ensure they have bug spray handy for the game.

While even news broadcasts are struggling to do their job because of the insects.

It wont stop the game, but it could definitely get ugly.

Players loaded up on bug spray before the match.

And the photos are pretty funny, too.