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Is Cristiano Ronaldo cultivating his appearance so he looks like an actual goat?

It seems insane that this would be a subtle dig at Lionel Messi, but I choose to believe it.

Here everyone, the best World Cup theory going around right now:

There is a growing belief that Cristiano Ronaldo is cultivating his facial hair and styling his entire look so that he appears to be a goat.

Now, he’s not going so far as to get shoes styled like hooves or anything. But soccer fans on the internet are having a hard time believing that after his hat trick in the opening game Cristiano Ronaldo decided that the small goatee (GOATee ... eh?) was a good thing to grow out before the game against Morocco, without ulterior motives.

Ronaldo is doing this as a not so subtle response to the Lionel Messi ads with Adidas where he poses with goats and is labeled a G.O.A.T. — the greatest of all time.

On top of that, look at how Ronaldo celebrated a goal in the first match of the World Cup against Spain.


UPDATE: Ronaldo scored again against Morocco, and again he celebrated by pointing at the goatee. THIS IS HAPPENING.

Portugal v Morocco: Group B - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Here are some more potential goal celebrations for Goat Ronaldo:

  1. Chew grass, then somehow demonstrate that because you are the GOAT, you are able to digest the grass like a goat would. I’m not sure how you demonstrate this. Maybe with a poster board that details how you have grown a four-compartment stomach and have the ability to break down grass with your goat digestive system.
  2. Headbutt a teammate. I’d say headbutt an opponent but that would probably result in a card of some sort.
  3. Jump atop the crossbar, and display your surprising agility by being able to perch atop it on all fours.
  4. Run up to the camera and demonstrate that your pupils are now rectangles. (Goats have those, I learned on a trip to the petting zoo with my nephew not too long ago.)

Wake up sheeple, and recognize that the best player at this World Cup is becoming a goat.

Join us in this theory. Let’s do this.