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Japan and Senegal fans cleaning up their own World Cup trash is pure class


Exit any sporting event and you’ll see refuse covering the stands, waiting for a small army of custodians to clean up fans’ leavings — but some are doing their part to try and keep Russia’s stadiums clean during the World Cup.

Japanese fans were spotted working together to pick up litter from their section following their game on Tuesday against Colombia.

It happened again later on Tuesday, when Senegal fans banded together to pick up trash as well.

Putting in the work to help keep the stadiums clean is pure class. It’s not like they’d remain dirty, but it takes some of the pressure off stadium workers, who otherwise would have had a momentous job ahead of them to clean up the stadium.

It’s rare that anything involving trash will warm your heart, but here we are. Bravo to the fans from Japan and Senegal for being some of the coolest people at the World Cup.

Japanese fans did this in 2014 too, showing that kindness carries on.

Japan v Colombia: Group C - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images