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4 quick observations on Granit Xhaka’s bomb of a goal for Switzerland vs. Serbia

He hit this well.

Serbia v Switzerland: Group E - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Granit Xhaka tied up the game in Switzerland vs. Serbia on Friday when the ball bounced out to him on the left edge of the box and he evaluated his options and then HOLY HELL LOOK AT HOW HARD HE HIT THIS THING.

Some assorted, very brief thoughts about this goal.

  1. The curve on this ball is underrated. He not only managed to put his foot through it, he managed to get the swerve on the ball so it’s working away from the keeper and finding the net. That’s fantastic.
  2. Look at Branislav Ivanović ducking! I mean, I want to hate on him, but that’s a business decision. It’s really hard to play right back for your country when you are decapitated. Like, having a head is a decently important thing you need not only to play soccer but to exist.
  3. The celebration is really worth mentioning — It appears to be a reference to the eagle in the Albanian flag. Xhaka has Albanian roots, and the eagles were a symbol of resistance during the Kosovo War.
  4. Arsenal fans are convincing themselves that Xhaka is world class now, aren’t they?

Serbia and Switzerland remain tied at 1-1.