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The 13 (!!!) goals of World Cup Day 10, ranked

What a day!

Belgium v Tunisia: Group G - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

This is the best day of goals we’ve had so far at the World Cup, and it feels unlikely to be topped. There were 13 goals scored on Saturday. Thirteen. And half of them were top class.

Just enjoy.

13. Eden Hazard’s penalty

This is a good penalty, but it’s still a penalty.

12. Carlos Vela’s penalty

I like this one a liiiiiitle bit more just because of how badly he fools the keeper.

11. Dylan Bronn’s set piece goal

Decent header. On another day, it would be higher up the list, but this was a wild day.

10. Michy Batshuayi scores one of his 87 chances

Downgraded because of all his misses.

9. Marco Reus’ equalizer

Sloppy, but high stakes for sure.

8. Wahbi Khazri’s consolation goal

Class. Shame his defense wasn’t.

7. Romelu Lukaku’s second

Oh god that defending.

6. Lukaku’s first

This one took a bit more skill. Top class finish. Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

5. Chicharito finishes off a counter

Ranked this highly more for the assist by Chucky Lozano, who’s making a name for himself at this tournament. This was Javier Hernandez’s 50th goal for Mexico.

4. Eden Hazard’s second

This poor goalkeeper. He doesn’t deserve to get rekt like that.

3. Ola Toivonen’s chip

This would have been the best goal of the day on some other days. Absolute beauty.

2. Son Heung-Min’s screamer

Let’s be honest: This is the real best goal of the day. In a vacuum, it’s by far the best highlight play. But we have to give some weight to the stakes, right?

1. Toni Kroos’ 95th minute winner

Germany was in deep trouble as Kroos lined this up. A draw wouldn’t have eliminated Germany, but it would have given them incredibly long odds. Now, they still have a serious chance to make the knockout round.