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Cristiano Ronaldo begged Iran fans partying outside his hotel to let him sleep

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No beauty rest for Ronaldo.

Portugal and Iran face off in the World Cup on Monday, and die-hard Iranian fans did their best to try and throw Cristiano Ronaldo off his game.

A massive street party unfolded below Ronaldo’s hotel room on Sunday night, prompting the Portugal star to stand and the window and plead with the fans to let him sleep using the power of charades.

I’m no expert, but it seems that Ronaldo vacillates between a thumbs up, and the international “sleepy” sign. Perhaps he’s saying “I love your party, but I need to get my beauty sleep.” We’ll see this strategy works and Ronaldo is thrown off his game — which might be Iran’s only hope at this point. Iran has scored just one goal in the World Cup, Ronaldo has four.

Hopefully Cristiano found a way to get a goatnap, even if he was kept up last night.