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Scenarios for every World Cup team that can still reach the Round of 16

Who’s in?

Uruguay v Russia: Group A - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

You’re not here to do math. You’re watching the World Cup to see beautiful goals and cheer on your favorite teams.

Of course, the final days of the group stage don’t care about that.

With the field of 32 teams being cut in half for the knockout round, the qualification scenarios and tiebreakers can get complicated. Not only will you be tabulating points earned from results, but also goal differentials and maybe even yellow cards.

Here is a look at Group A through H, with current standings, remaining schedules, and clinching scenarios for every team still alive to reach the Round of 16. We’ll be updating as teams earn spots all week long.

Group A

Winner: Uruguay will face Portugal in the round of 16

Runner-up: Russia will face Spain in the round of 16

Eliminated: Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Final Group A standings

Group B

Winner: Spain will face Russia in the round of 16

Runner-up: Portugal will face Uruguay in the round of 16

Eliminated: Morocco, Iran

Final Group B standings

Group C

Winner: France will face Argentina

Runner-up: Denmark will face Croatia.

Eliminated: Peru, Australia

Final Group C standings

Group D

Winner: Croatia will face Denmark

Runner-up: Argentina will face France

Eliminated: Iceland, Nigeria

Final Group D standings

Group E

Winner: Brazil will face Mexico

Runner-up: Switzerland will face Sweden

Eliminated: Serbia, Costa Rica

Final Group E standings

Group F

Winner: Sweden will face Switzerland

Runner-up: Mexico will face Brazil

Final Group F standings

Group G

Winner: Belgium will face Japan

Runner-up: England will face Colombia

Eliminated: Panama and Tunisia

Final Group G standings

Group H

Winner: Colombia will face England

Runner-up: Japan will face Belgium

Eliminated: Senegal, Poland

Final Group H standings