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Paris is having THE BIGGEST PARTY after France won the World Cup

This is great!

France is partying like it’s 1799 after winning the World Cup final agains Croatia — and who can blame them? The Champs Elysees lit up on Sunday evening with celebration and the scenes are great.

But that wasn’t all — not by a long shot.

In Moscow French President Emmanuel Macron jumped on the table like it was a rock concert.

In Paris American queen Beyonce showed the win during her concert.

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The Bordeaux flowed.

It rained champagne.

There was glee with chablis.

It was the kind of party where the Beaujolais was served without delay.

I’ve run out of horrible wine puns. France is having the best party since they won in 1998, and it’s magical.

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images