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Japan’s lovable psychic World Cup octopus got chopped up and eaten


There’s a lot to love about the World Cup, not the least of which is the presence of psychic octopi. In 2010 we had Paul the Octopus, this year it was Rabiot, a giant pacific octopus who had correctly predicted each one of Japan’s World Cup wins — until the round of 16.

All good things must come to an end — including an octopus’ life. Rabiot’s predictions might have been impressive, but not impressive enough to dissuade people feeding up on his sweet, sweet cephalopod flesh.

Rabiot was gutted and sold for meat before Japan’s game against Belgium. The one prediction he couldn’t make was the most important of all.

RIP Rabiot. May you be making predictions with all eight arms in octopus heaven, or whatever afterlife octopi believe in. Or maybe there’s nothing. Who knows?