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Tall USMNT star Matt Miazga shames Mexico player for being short

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Talk that S#$&&, Miazga.

The U.S. men’s national team beat Mexico 1-0 on Tuesday night in a friendly played in Nashville. It was a solid result for the young team, though to be honest it didn’t look like a game that the U.S. had much of anything going on offensively. Mexico were clearly the better team for the first 64 minutes.

Then Matt Miazga shamed Mexico’s Diego Lainez for being nearly a foot shorter than he was, and the entire game changed. BEHOLD, THE MOCKERY:

Stick until the end of the clip. You’ll see that not only does Miazga mock him for being small, he then continues to mock him by saying he is so small he cannot find him on the field. He HUNCHES OVER AND EVERYTHING.

Seriously, I have no idea why, but this is what flipped the game. Mexico’s Ángel Zaldívar got a straight red card two minutes later, and four minutes after that, U.S. midfielder Tyler Adams scored, and that was it.

All from Miazga talking smack.

It was a stunning change of fortune for Lainez, who before being mocked by the 6’4 Miazga for being 5’6, had thoroughly humiliated the U.S.’s Wil Trapp with this move in the first half.

And then, well, those memories faded. Because all of a sudden his team was losing and it had happened just moments after a very tall man pretended not to be able to find him on a soccer field.

For Miazga, it was the perfect conclusion to two solid games for the USMNT (I thought he was the best USMNT player against Brazil in their 2-0 loss.)

And it was also a fitting homage to now retired former USMNT star Clint Dempsey.