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Pay the USWNT their money

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Just do it.

A raucous chant echoed through the Stade de Lyon following the US World Cup win that made a bigger statement that just celebrating the win.

Soccer fans who traveled to France for the final showed their support for a simple ideal: Paying men and women equally. It came following the United States women’s national team’s fourth World Cup win — and the world took notice of the chant. Twitter interest in #EqualPay skyrocketed following the win.

On Thursday, an article in the Guardian revealed just how big a gap there is between the USWNT and the USMNT. The women preparing to play the Netherlands in the World Cup final earned $90,000 each in bonuses for their play. Had the men reached the same level of the World Cup, each player would have been awarded $550,000.

This disparity had been discussed throughout the cup, but following the win more and more people began talking about it.

The predictable retort here is something about how the USMNT generates more money and therefore “deserve” to be paid more; however, the Wall Street Journal reveals the USWNT has generated more revenue than the men’s team.

The United States is lucky enough to have the best squad in the world, and when the dust settles, likely one of the best sports teams of all time. Pay them their friggin’ money.