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Ashlyn Harris’ Instagram was the best thing after the USWNT won the World Cup

You’re welcome for this content.

The U.S. Women’s National Team won the 2019 World Cup on Sunday, completing a marvelous run in France that gave the USWNT back-to-back World Cup titles. Aside from the thrilling run capped off by a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands, one of the best parts of the victory was the team’s celebration that ensued afterwards.

Specifically, Team USA goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris’ Instagram story of the post-victory shenanigans was nothing short of phenomenal. So good, in fact, we decided to rank the best moments from her story because it was just that amazing.

  1. “You’re f*cking welcome for this content, bitch!”
  2. Feeding her teammate Kelley O’Hara an apple while her teammates dance and chug Budweiser, and declaring “this content’s f*cking gold, bitch!”
  4. Yelling at Megan Rapinoe to “get her ass in the f*cking locker room” and starting a “we want Pinoe” chant.
  5. The entire team singing “Fight Night” by Migos.
  6. Cheersing her fiance and teammate Ali Krieger with Budweiser.

(Special shoutout to my colleague Matt Ellentuck for compiling the locker room celebration into one, glorious video):

And some bonus content, because her story deserves it:

Eternal mood for the rest of summer 2019, TBH. Also, APPLE SCREENSHOT:

The team singing “We Are The Champions” was amazing:


OK, but wait, it gets so much better.

The party didn’t just stop in the locker room, folks. USWNT’s celebration carried over to what looks like an afterparty of some kind, rightfully so. It deserves a bonus ranking section, because ‘Merica.

  1. Harris’ comment about being a drunk white girl on the bar has made me laugh all day:

2. And here’s Rapinoe spraying everyone with champagne:

3. Harris holding a sparkler and bottle of champagne in one hand and bragging about it:

4. MEOW:

Thank you so very for this tremendous content, Ashlyn. It is an American treasure, and we all salute you.