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How is Alex Morgan still this good while 7 months pregnant?

Alex Morgan says she’ll be back to full training for the Olympics in May, and after watching this video I believe her.

Alex Morgan says she’ll be back to full training in May, a month after she gives birth to her baby. This sounds completely outrageous to me, but I am neither an elite athlete, nor a doctor. Who am I to say Morgan can’t pull it off, especially since she’s doing stuff like this in training while seven months pregnant:

I lose some of my skill at video games after I eat a large burrito, so I have absolutely no idea how Morgan maintains her technique while carrying another human around. Her footwork on the last shot in particular is super impressive.

USWNT players who have children typically take an entire year off before making their comebacks. The Olympics are in August, so Morgan would have to be back to her best less than four months after giving birth to make the USWNT squad. It sounds impossible, but the above video would also sound impossible if you described it to me.

Maybe Morgan is an alien.