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If Mana Iwabuchi doesn’t win goal of the year, I’m going to be pissed

Mana Iwabuchi just scored the goal of the year, and it’s March.

There is a lot of soccer to be played between now and the end of the year. I can’t guess what kind of amazing goals we’re going to see.

That said, I’m willing to plant my flag in the ground right now: If this goal by Mana Iwabuchi does not win the FIFA Puskas Award, I am going to be pissed.

On Thursday, in the SheBelieves Cup, Iwabuchi scored this absolute stunner for Japan against Spain. I am 100 percent certain she did this on purpose and any highlight truthers can meet me in Temecula.

I think it’s even better from this Skycam angle. In the original broadcast angle, you can’t see the entire movement, and I can forgive you for being sure if the goal was an accident. But look at the way Iwabuchi intentionally flips the ball up in the air. Bananas.

Imagine being this goalkeeper. I won’t even write her name because her family doesn’t deserve that. This is cruel.

I should, of course, mention that Spain won the game. It was a comfortable 3-1 victory; La Roja were much better than Japan. But Iwabuchi stole the show with one of the best goals I’ve ever seen in my life.