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Russian goalkeeper returns to pitch 3 weeks after being struck by lightning on video

This is unbelievable.

16-year-old goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky returned to the pitch for the first time in three weeks, after the teenager was stunningly struck by lightning while warming up for a match. The only thing more incredible than him returning is that we have video of the lightning strike, and warning: You’re going to see a person struck by lightning.

Zaborovsky was training with his youth team, FC Znamya Truda on July 4 when the lightning strike occurred. The goalkeeper was knocked unconscious, and his jersey was burnt from the strike, according to his coach who first attended to him. Zaborovsky was put in a medically induced coma during his time in hospital, and now feels completely fine — other than a lingering burn on his chest caused by a chain he was wearing when he was struck.

Being struck by lightning is, terrifyingly, not completely uncommon. It’s estimated that around 240,000 people are struck by lightning each year, with the global death toll disputed, but ranging from 2,000 to 6,000. However, capturing a strike on camera is exceedingly rare — which is what makes Zaborovsky’s case so different.

Thankfully he’s okay and returned to the field — because this could have gone very differently.