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Messi’s bumbling and stumbling goal is the greatest sports highlight of 2020

Lionel Messi was taken down in the box. He didn’t stop his attack to pander to the referees for a penalty — he kept going. And after dodging about five Napoli defenders with just a sliver of space, the 33-year-old Messi reminded us why he’s arguably the greatest athlete of his generation.

This feels like one of the most spectacular goals of Messi’s legendary career. In case you forgot, this is what greatness looks like.

Messi’s goal in the 23rd minute stunned the sports internet from the moment it happened. It put Barcelona up 2-0 over Napoli in the Champions League restart match, and reminded us what we were missing when sports were (rightfully) on hiatus for so long during the pandemic.

We are so lucky to live at the same time as Messi. The man never ceases to amaze us.