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Patrik Schick made Scotland’s keeper crash into the net on brilliant goal in Euro 2020

Patrik Schick scored the goal of Euro 2020 for Czech Republic.

Czech Republic forward Patrik Schick is having an incredible start to Euro 2020. The 25-year-old scored a brilliant goal on a header for the first score of the game against Scotland at the end of the first half on Monday, and then scored an even better goal in the opening minutes of the second half on a shot that is going to live in the nightmares of Scottish keeper David Marshall for the foreseeable future.

Schick’s second score feels like it’s destined to go down as the goal of the tournament. In the 52nd minute with his team already holding a 1-0 lead after his header, Schick uncorked a strike from just past midfield that caught Marshall in a hopeless position. After Scotland turned the ball over, Schick saw the keeper was too far up to protect the net and unleashed a beautiful strike for his second goal of the game.

Here’s video of the goal:

Here’s a link to an alternate angle that is even better. Schick hit the ball just right to send the Scotish keeper crashing into the back of the net. As if surrendering the goal wasn’t bad enough, running full speed into the net and falling over is just as embarrassing.

The photos of the keeper in the back of the net are pure gold:

Schick’s first goal was also tremendous. This is a perfect header.

Euro 2020 has already provided us with some brilliant goals — we were partial to this one from Yarmolenko hours earlier. We can’t wait to see what happens next.