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Tim Weah and Pele had a heartwarming exchange on social media after World Cup goal

Tim Weah was blessed by Pele after scoring World Cup goal

The United States men’s national team was hoping for more than a draw in their World Cup opener against Wales after dominating the first half on Monday, but an untimely foul and successful penalty kick from Gareth Bale sent both teams home with one point. Still, it was an exciting game for a young U.S. squad that marked the first World Cup game for almost the entire roster.

If there was a breakout star for the U.S. in the opener, it was Timothy Weah. Weah, a 22-year-old winger, score a goal in the 36th minute to put the Americans out front. He should be one of the biggest stars in U.S. soccer for the foreseeable future alongside Christian Pulisic, and the match against Wales was his coming out party.

After the match, Weah posted a photo on Instagram with a caption summarizing the experience of scoring a goal in his World Cup debut. The photo got the attention of none other than Pele, who added an encouraging comment below the photo. Here’s the link to Weah’s Instagram post. Uou can find the photo and caption with the comment from Pele.

How cool is that? Pele is 60 years older than Weah, but he ca appreciate a young baller when he sees one. There’s no greater honor for a footballer than being blessed by the GOAT from Brazil.

Weah is used to being around great football players. His father George Weah, now the president of Liberia, is considered one of the greatest African players ever. He was named FIFA World Player of the Year and won the Ballon d’Or in 1995, but never got to play in a World Cup.

Watch Tim Weah’s World Cup goal vs. Wales

Get used to hearing the name Timothy Weah, because he has a chance to be a really great player for U.S. soccer. If Pele is watching, you should be, too.