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Soccer player dropped from team for endless locker room farting

Sometimes you release the gas, sometimes the gas gets you released.

FBL-EUR-C3-CSKA-LYON Photo credit should read ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images

Little was known when Lyon defender Marcelo was been dropped from the French side’s first team and eventually left for Bordeaux back in August of 2021. Now we know the cause of the falling out — he refused to stop farting.

Marcelo was repeatedly disruptive with his petulant flatulence, according to a report from ESPN, farting and laughing repeatedly during team meetings — even interrupting a speech by team captain Leo Dubois.

Lyon’s senior team suffered an embarrassing 3-0 loss to Angers in 2021, which precipitated Marcelo’s demotion — but apparently there was more to it. When team director Juninho and manager Peter Bosz entered the locker room the 34-year-old Marcelo began farting and laughing while they were in close proximity. Following this the club booted Marcelo from the senior team, demoting him to the first team, citing “inappropriate behavior” as the cause of the demotion. However, it appeared Marcelo’s fart antics continued following his demotion, before he was eventually released.

The defender went on to join Bordeaux, who are currently 20th in Ligue 1 and appear destined for relegation. Marcelo has yet to appear for the team, and it’s unclear at this time whether he has farted up their locker room upon his arrival — though we wait with baited (and held) breath to find out.