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Tier-listing every 2022 World Cup kit

Most of the 2022 World Cup kits have been released, so now we can do what we love: judge them!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love tier lists. Whether it be anime, Disney or snack food, I like ranking things (just call me the AP Poll). Well, we got another thing to rank, and it’s the 2022 World Cup kits.

Most of the kits each country will be wearing in Qatar have been released, so lets see which ones are great, which ones are just ok, and which ones need to be sent back to the drawing board.

NOTE: England, Tunisia and Cameroon haven’t officially released their kits, but there have been leaks. Once they officially release the kits they will be shown in the rankings.

S Tier: Best of the best, I’d wear it


It’s really hard to mess up red, white and gold/sand, and the host country absolutely nails the kits. According to Nike, the white serrated trim on the home (red) kits represents the country’s 1971 independence, but the away kit is really what stands out. The sandy color on the kit represents the coastline, and it looks sick.


Man, these are just all around a great kit. the origami patterns on the home kit and the away sleeves are immediately noticeable, and the blue is so vibrant. The away kit is also very nice, the contrasts between the graphics and the base color of the jersey works really well.


Sometimes there’s a beauty in simplicity, and the French nail it here with the home kit. Navy blue and gold are two of my favorite colors, and France just knows how to put colors together. 10/10, no notes.


The away kit. ‘Nuff said.


God, those away kits absolutely rip. The away kits dark red, black and gold just work so well, and the traditional Germany home kits just looks so nice.

A Tier: I’d wear it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice


Simple, clean, effective. The Brazil home kits always hit. The away kits are bold and I really like the sleeves.


Remember how I said it was hard to mess up red, white and gold? Yeah that logic applies here. The big badge in the middle of the away kits knocks Serbia down into the A tier, but that home kit is amazing.


I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I really like these kits. Maybe because the home kits remind me of All Might from My Hero Academia, maybe the away kits just have a really cool color. Overall a very good uniform.


Again, home kits are a classic, but man that away kit is NICE.

B Tier: I’d wear it ... maybe


They’re simple: but 2 things stand out that put this in the B tier: that AWESOME dragon FA badge, and the collar on the away kit. I’m a simple man: I see dragons, I put them in the B tier.


Red and white is simple, and hard to mess up. Poland doesn’t do anything super crazy, doesn’t try and recreate the wheel. The sleeves on the white kit are really cool though.


Overall very solid kits, but the sleeves on the home kits remind me of Guy Fieri and his Flavortown shirt and it’s just kinda odd. The away kits are definitely better.


The home kits are so, so crisp. But I have to ask, Puma...what are we doing with the away kits???


Look man someone is gonna have to explain to me what Puma was thinking with the away kits.


These are pretty cool, and I like the stripe transition from green to red or white. Simple, but a good kit.

C Tier: If it was the last kit on the rack, maybe I’d wear it

Korea Republic

The home kits are a LOT of red, with very little black, makes it kinda overbearing. The away kits remind me of a Dan Flashes shirt.


I mean ... they’re just very bleh. Nothing stands out and they kid of look like practice jerseys.

Saudi Arabia

I like the design on the home kit, but again with the Dan Flashes for the away kit. Enough.


Whoever designed the box on all these Puma kits will not see heaven.


The home kit is very, very, VERY basic, but the blue away kit is very cool and I like the design. Just, be a bit more creative with the home ones, please?


Is the home kit orange? Is it gold? I do know that overall it’s kinda basic.


It really feels like Nike tried to do more here, then chose to go back to the simple things. They should’ve tried harder.

D Tier: No chance I wear this in public


Yeah ... no ... not at all.


I know it’s an entire thing but the checkered red pattern just reminds me of a barbecue place, which i’m sure wasn’t the plan.


If it weren’t for the home kits these would be in the F tier, because the away kits once again suck. Puma will never see heaven-ever.

F Tier: Why do these exist?


I honestly feel bad for Canada, because they won’t be getting new kits for the World Cup. These look like create-a-team kits.

Costa Rica

I had to go and look these up on the New Balance website to see if they were real or not. Unfortunately, they are.


Alright who at Puma decided to put this QR code on Switzerland’s kits? Who thought this was a good idea?