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Live BBC soccer show goes pear-shaped with sounds of someone getting a right good rodgering

Well, okay then

If you happened to be watching the BBC on Tuesday to get their latest takes on Wolves vs. Liverpool in the FA Cup you were treated to something a little ... different.

The sounds start slowly, as if one might ponder whether these are lines getting crossed or a mistake in the booth — but then the groaning and moaning intensifies. “By jove, I think someone is getting a right rodgering on the BBC,” I presume someone said while watching the broadcast.

It was all the crew could do to keep it together as best they could. Host Gary Lineker simply said “we don’t know where that sound is coming from,” before pivoting to the weather and throwing away while adding “it’s toasty in this studio.”

During a break the culprit was found.

I’ve never seen a prank look so much like a bomb, but here we are. Evidently the phone’s ringtone was set to the sounds of a sex act, and once planted all it needed was a phonecall from outside the studio to make it reach its climax.