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Messi’s latest goal for Miami FC came off an even more incredible pass from Robert Taylor

Messi did it again for Miami — but the pass was even better than the shot.

Lionel Messi has turned the MLS into child’s play since joining Miami FC, and his tour de force only gets more impressive with each passing game. Messi played his third game for Miami on Wednesday night against Orlando City, and it only been him a handful of minutes before he buried a shot in the back of the net.

Messi scored his fourth game for Inter Miami making a run deep into the box and hammering home a chip pass from teammate Robert Taylor. Messi is going to draw all the headlines here because he’s showing us his greatness every night in MLS, but holy moly, this pass from Taylor. What an absolute dime. Watch video of Messi’s fourth MLS goal here:

Taylor is a 28-year-old midfield from Finland who joined Miami FC in 2022. Messi is going to make him a household name if he keeps setting his famous teammate up for goals like this one.

Twitter — yes, I’m still calling it that — was just as hyped about Taylor’s pass as it was Messi’ goal.

Taylor was reportedly playing non-league football in England only a few years ago. He’s appeared on the Finland senior national team since then, and now he’s getting swept up in Messi mania.

It seems like Messi is just going to do this every game. Can’t wait.

Update: Messi scored another vs. Orlando City. That’s five goals in three games in MLS.