Andre Santos

Brazil #0 - Defender

  • Born: 03/08/83
  • Age: 38
  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

This Year's Scapegoat: Mesut Ozil

Ozil has become a lightening rod for criticism lately and it shows a pattern of behavior that the fans and media display during adverse times.

WAGNH Predictions: Golden Boot, Chelsea PoY & More


The We Ain't Got No History staffers are back with part deux of their predictions series, this time unveiling who they think will win the golden boot among other outlandish prognostications.

Nacho Monreal injured; set to miss start of season

Yet another player gets hurt while on international duty, this time our only reliable second option to Kieran Gibbs. You can start to find your panic button now.

Bernard somehow linked to Arsenal

Thanks to an overnight radio guy in Brazil making a declaration, now we're apparently ready to purchase the Brazilian international

Worst Matches of 2012/13: 0-2 v Schalke

Although Arsenal ended up finishing 4th and qualifying for Champions League qualification, there are a few matches that we look back and regret that we didn't get a result or points from. Here's...

Stewart Robson is dumb


Stewart Robson is noted for his highly unfair criticisms of Arsenal, but recently, he's just making a fool of himself.

The Worst Arsenal League Matches of 2012/13

Looking back we examine the matches that, had a better result come from it, could have saved Arsenal from inducing heart-related issues for millions of fans at the end of the season. We start this...

Arsenal in the Confederations Cup

Some Arsenal players and targets are playing in Brazil this month. Here's a rundown.

Arsenal v Bayern Munich: Instant Reaction


Instant reaction to Arsenal's frankly predictable defeat to Bayern Munich.

Andre Santos goes on loan to Gremio


Andre Santos to play in Brazil for the remainder of the season.

Deadline day moves: tactical analysis

A quiet January transfer window ended with some intriguing moves, with Mario Balotelli's expected return to Italy providing a tantalising prospect for Milan fans

Reviewing Arsenal's January Transfer Window

Reviewing and discussing Arsenal's deals in January.