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Today in Sports History: July 18th

The Prosecution Rests on the Legacy of JoePa

A rash to overcompensate judgment

Bad to be 'Bron

Perception becomes reality with the NBA

Is it wrong to root against greatness?

The Oddity of the Single-Game Home Run Record

Featured Fanshot

Chris Von der Ahe, Bob Caruthers Engage in Mustachioed Power Struggle

"Here's how Von der Ahe was crazy: He didn't understand baseball, but he installed himself as manager on multiple occasions. He built a giant statue of himself in front of the Browns' ballpark that was ridiculous enough that one unknown sportswriter's barb—he called it Von der Ahe Discovers the West—has been passed down through history to explain it. He had the idea for the first mallpark, building an amusement park beyond the outfield with water flumes, an artificial lake, and a horse-racing track." Anyone who's interested in 1880s baseball, crazy owners, and pitchers who can hit might like this Viva El Birdos post about the Cardinals' first owner and superstar.

Anatomy of a Comeback

Odom and the Humanization of Sports

2012 in Sports: A Year of Surprises

Just how bad are the terrible, terrible Bobcats?

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Steeler Logo History

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Oh, how the dunk contest has fallen

Linsanity Highlights the Mismanagement of the Warriors

Featured Fanshot

Jeremy Lin's 2010-2011 Game Log

I hadn't heard of Lin until this month either, but he had 13 assists and two turnovers in his last three Warriors games last April, and went 5-8 in the season's final game. So this "linsanity" shouldn't be that great a shock.

It's Hard To Believe The Super Bowl Used To Suck

Whitney Houston Dies at 48; Sung Maybe the Greatest Anthem Ever

Notes on Super Bowl XLVI

So it looks like Braun will keep his MVP. Huh.

Why It Isn't Wrong To Attack The Recently-Departed JoePa

Dwight Howard breaks a tremendously-belated franchise record

LeBron James: The NBA's Sometimes Nonexistent Superstar

Stilt No More: Dwight Breaks a Wilt Free-Throw Record

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Tim Tebow and other stuff

O'Brien Bitching: Where PSU Fans Senselessly Gripe About Their New Coach

Kellen Winslow's Miraculous Weight Loss Turns 30 Years Old

Who says you can't win without defense?

NFL: History? There ain't no stinkin' history

NFL Record Watch: The Packers and Colts Trudge Towards History

CP3 veto a blow to the NBA's integrity