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Wimbledon 2011: Venus Williams' Romper Outfit Making Headlines, Again

Don't lie: You love Venus and Serena Williams' Grand Slam tennis outfits. No, you do. Particularly at Wimbledon, where everybody has to rock a fairly uniform look and America's surly sweethearts always show up in something that pokes cheeky holes in the concept of tennis whites. 



We need to talk about this romper thing. Forgive me, but nobody looks good in a romper. Nobody. There is a reason they are the sartorial stuff of toddlers, and this is not something grown people should seek to emulate. 

Were you horrified by Venus' fashion choices today? You're far from alone: The Daily Mail called it a "ghastly playsuit," a slam that mercifully didn't mirror her play. It's great to see Venus uninjured and back on the sacred grass where she belongs, but about the best thing for all of us right now would be for her to play a three-set scare, decide this outfit's unlucky, and chuck it back in the closet.