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What your favorite tennis player says about you

Are you self-obsessed or simply charming?

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The calendar finally hit June, which means not only do we have to deal with waiting for the NBA Finals to start, but we also can pretend to enjoy the French Open.

With all those personalities flying around on -- and off -- the court, it is extremely easy to find a player to resonate with. Let's take a look at what your favorite tennis player says about you and maybe even your underlying issues with society:

Novak Djokovic
Oh your favorite player is Djokovic? Own a lot of Yankees and Lakers jerseys? Did you become a Cavs fan ... oh ... let's say July of 2014? Reality is, you're just trying to stand out from the rest by choosing not to support Rafa or Roger. Oh, I'm sorry, you mean you like him because you also follow a gluten-free diet? How nouveau hipster of you. Enjoy the CrossFit Games!

Andy Murray
Andy Murray's game isn't a must watch, nor does he have any personality. But neither do you. On a positive note, you have the respect of your elders because you've never had friends your own age. People call you boring but thankfully your career is now going well and you can buy your way to popularity. Everybody in the VIP! Drinks on me!

Ana Ivanovic
You "follow" Ana Ivanovic because she's hot. The fact she hasn't won a Grand Slam since 2008 is neither here nor there because you also think Kate Upton is a good actress. Those Game of War ads wouldn't lie to you. You may not know much about tennis, but you ARE certain Adam Scott is a tool. It doesn't matter if you're aware of Ana's poor performance on the court, just so long as she's there.

Rafael Nadal
Ever heard of living in the now? You should really try it. You continue to tell anyone within reach how good you used to be in college before you blew out your elbow/knee/shoulder. Deep down you know you haven't been any good since House of Cards season 1. And no, you can't pull off Armani white jeans. You just gotta let it go.

Roger Federer
The world was once your oyster. Now your most prized possession is your limited Vidal Sassoon hair dryer. Despite your dwindling career, you're charming as hell. When you walk into a room, the lights shine a little brighter. You may be on your way to unemployment but you'll be damned if you become mediocre.

Stan Wawrinka
You love Stan because you grew up being a Federer fan. Maybe you don't know much about Switzerland, but you really dig that Swiss flag. You may also be highly unstable with a severe inferiority complex. No matter what, there's always that guy who is simply better than you, no matter what you do. You join the work soccer team; he gets to be captain. You try a new hairstyle; his just looks phenomenal. You basically live life waiting for him to die.

Serena Williams
You're kind of a brat and have absolutely no idea how to cope with failure. You see a lot of yourself in Serena because patience and humility are not traits you believe to be very important. You think you're too good to even be reading this so you won't.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga
You're positive and you have to be. Because, to be brutally honest, you're a complete failure. In theory you should have that corner office and the trophy wife by now, except you've blown every promotion opportunity. Well, that's not fair. There is that one time you got that nice ergonomic chair for your cubicle in 2008.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images