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Indian Wells CEO Raymond Moore resigns following sexist comments

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Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Indian Wells CEO and tournament director Raymond Moore resigned from his position on Monday. The decision comes a day after Moore was widely criticized and apologized for sexist comments he made about women's tennis during a press conference at the tournament.

Moore said the WTA simply rides the coattails of men's tennis and that "lady players" should get down on their knees every night and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were born. He also commented about the attractiveness of several female players.

Serena Williams was among the many who criticized the comments. Moore issued an apology later in the day for "erroneous" comments that were in "poor taste."

The Indian Wells Masters -- now called the BNP Paribas Open -- is one of the mandatory events on the WTA schedule. Serena and her sister Venus boycotted the event from 2002 through last season before returning this year. Serena lost in the final this season.

Larry Ellison, the owner of the event, issued a statement following Moore's decision to step down.