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Novak Djokovic wins 2016 French Open men's title

Andy Murray played hard, but nobody was going to stop Novak Djokovic from finally getting his title at Roland Garros.

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Novak Djokovic is now the eighth man ever to complete the career Grand Slam, beating Andy Murray in four sets to win the 2016 French Open on Sunday. Djokovic, the top seed and favorite throughout the tournament, had fallen short three times in the finals previously but he played Murray hard through the four sets and has now added the elusive Roland Garros trophy to his collection.

Djokovic took the match, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4.

Djokovic dropped the opening set, looking a little shaky as Murray handled him to the tune of 6-3, but from there it was all about the Serb. He completely dominated the second set, serving very well and returning just as well. Djokovic's return game on Sunday was ridiculous, often hitting balls that looked harder than the serve that preceded them.

After he fell to Stan Wawrinka in the finals last year and dropped a match against Murray on the clay in Rome earlier this year, there was serious concern that Djokovic wouldn't be able to handle his familiar opponent and would have to put off a French Open win for yet another year.

But despite his recent loss to Murray, Djokovic had a lot going in his favor. Djokovic had won 23 of their 33 matches as professionals, and had taken 12 of their last 14 meetings. They'd met nine times in Grand Slams, with Djokovic winning seven times.

Djokovic's shot placement was on point as ever and he looked like the world No. 1 that his ranking grants him. In the second set, whenever Murray won a long, sustained rally, Djokovic would quickly extinguish the excitement with a ridiculous serve or a beautiful forehand that nobody playing tennis today can ultimately handle.

He had Murray on the ropes, but truthfully it didn't matter who he was playing against at that point. Any player in the world would have been on the ropes. Murray kept fighting back, though. When he was down 5-2 in the fourth set with Djokovic serving for the win, he still fought for every point, he still engaged in the long rallies. He even broke Djokovic late in the fourth. But it wasn't enough, and Djokovic ultimately walked away with the win.

Djokovic now has 12 Grand Slam singles titles to his name, this his first title at Roland Garros. He's won six times at the Australian Open, three times at Wimbledon and twice at the US Open. He won the Australian Open earlier this year, and took both Wimbledon and the US Open last year. The door is now open for him to repeat in those tournaments and capture all four Grand Slams in a single season.