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This funny moment between Roger Federer and a fan is why he’s the people’s GOAT

One reason everyone loves Roger Federer is because he’s not just good at sports, he is good sport.

In this video from an exhibition match in Argentina, a fan asks Roger Federer to stay still for a photo and the greatest male tennis player ever obliges:

Look at this cheeky guy!

First he pauses for a thumbs up.

Then he’s like ... you know what? I’m gonna really sell this.

And then where I really lost it is the sports poses.

Obviously he is good at tennis, but this wry humor is a big part of why Roger Federer Tennis Dad is the people’s choice among men’s tennis’ Big Three.

Hey, while you’re here, want to watch a 10-minute video about the Federer vs. Nadal 2008 Wimbledon Final — AKA Wimbledon’s greatest men’s tennis final of all time? Cool let’s do that: