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The Solid Verbal: Cast your Verbie Awards ballot now!

The power is in your hands!

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It's awards season, which means it is officially time to vote on winners of the biggest awards show in the universe... The Solid Verbal's Verbie Awards! With the big Verbies show just around the corner, give all of our nominees ample thought before voting.

  • Were Navy's airbrushed helmets award winning?
  • Did Jeremy Johnson lead Auburn to the Bust of the Year heights?
  • Just how bad were ACC refs?
  • Is it possible that a better half-team exists than Boston College?
  • Can Deshaun Watson's losing effort in the national championship game be topped?
  • Does a better name than "Poop Johnson" exist?
  • Did anyone do a better job of not coaching than Tim Beckman?
  • Was anyone thirstier online than Jim Harbaugh?
...and more!