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The Solid Verbal: Why Justin Fuente couldn't turn down Virginia Tech

An extended conversation with the new man in charge in Blacksburg.

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New Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente came on the show to discuss:

• The process that took Fuente from Memphis to Virginia Tech

• What Blacksburg, as a city, offers Fuente and his family that Memphis couldn't

• His initial vision for the program during the interview process

• What he's looking for in the QB battle between Hokie incumbents like Dwayne Lawson, Brenden Motley and Joshua Jackson and newcomer and JUCO transfer Jerod Evans

• What the continuity of defensive coordinator Bud Foster means for players already on the roster, and for recruiting relationships

• How much he watched of the Hokies' 2015 season and what he, as a new coach, can glean from game tape

• The process for introducing elements of a faster offensive tempo to a team not used to playing fast

• How he'll measure success in year one