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The Solid Verbal: Yogi Roth takes you deep into the QB brain

So much more than gripping and ripping (though that's part of it).

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Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Network, Elite 11 QB competition, and the Live Without Limits podcast, stops by our SCHEME THEME month to talk about the ever-evolving world QB development on the high school, college, and NFL levels.

We addressed topics and questions like:

• How coaches who run superficially similar audiences can approach philosophies in very different ways

• The struggle for QBs as they shift through schemes and coaching staffs

• What separates successful true freshman QBs from those who (unsurprisingly) struggle

• How support and resources, both financial and interpersonal, help to give younger QBs an advantage

• The other sports that help to develop skills within QBs

• The growth of Run/Pass option (RPO) systems and the effect they're having on development

• Who is his Piesman Trophy watch list pick and why?