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The Solid Verbal: The 2016 Verbie Awards are here!

Grab a quiet place, high quality headphones, and your best formalwear.

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This year's Verbies were an especially gallant affair, with the spectacle being hosted by New York City's famed Radio City Music Hall! From big name coaches to famous broadcasters and media members, the who's who of the college football and media world all showed up to honor the best of the best to decide:

• Who was 2015's Bust of the Year? Is Auburn the runaway favorite with a very competitive Georgia Tech also making noise in the category?

• In a hotly contest Not Coach of the Year category, can Randy Edsall trip up Tim Beckman?

• Is any coach thirstier than Jim Harbaugh on social media?

• Is there any award that's more of a toss up than Tire Fire of the Year? Illinois? LSU? Penn State? Texas A&M? UCF?

• Can any 2015 SV meme top the immortal Talking to Your Kids About an Undefeated Iowa?

• Who had the greatest performance in a losing effort? Clemson's Deshaun Watson vs Alabama? Oregon's Royce Freeman vs Washington State? Florida State's Dalvin Cook vs Clemson? Arkansas's Brandon Allen vs Mississippi State? Baylor's rushing attack vs Texas? Patrick Maholmes grabbing all of the yards vs Oklahoma State? So many to choose from!

And so much more!