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The Solid Verbal: The pursuit of (college football) happiness

Life, liberty, and helping LSU to consistently complete passes.

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On our latest summer exercise, we attempt to help complete top 15 teams (per Football Study Hall's projected rankings) and thus tried to:

• Give Alabama a proven SEC West winner at quarterback

• Improve LSU's passing game, which is to say, give the Tigers a decent passing game

• Help out Clemson's secondary, the unit that ultimately and literally broke versus Alabama in the national championship game

• Move one of the few pro style passers to Tallahassee to give Jimbo Fisher and Florida State a tantalizing option

• Beef up UCLA on the defensive line

• Allow Jake Browning and Myles Gaskin some time behind a newly built Washington OL

• Improve Georgia's thin DL with something a bit more substantial

• Gift Jim Harbaugh and Michigan a new QB to mold and turn into A PASSER WITH ENTHUSIASM UNKNOWN TO MANKIND

... and more!