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The Solid Verbal: 2016 season preview countdown (teams 40-33)

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It's time to deep dive!

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In part one of our five part countdown previewing the 2016 college football season, we ask the following questions:

• Can a new Boise State and Gus Malzahn-fluenced offense result in NC State turning a corner in a top heavy ACC?

• Where will Iowa sustain success and what new questions are there on each of their offensive and defensive lines?

• What is there to like and worry about as BYU changes up philosophies on both sides of the ball ahead of a pretty brutal independent schedule?

• To what degree will new offensive coordinator Sterling Gilbert overhaul Texas's offense as they attempt to take a big step forward, potentially with freshman QB Shane Buechele?

• What's standing in the way of Boise State going for double digit wins with a very workable schedule and promising offensive talent everywhere?

• Brutal schedule aside, where is Wisconsin strong on both sides of the ball to move up a rung in an increasingly deep Big Ten?

• What can Utah count on to remain one of the most difficult outs in the Pac-12, even with a number of big contributors missing?

• How good will West Virginia's experienced offense need to be to help alleviate some of the concern about a pretty green Mountaineer defense?