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The Solid Verbal: Alabama, Texas, and the big Week 1 winners, losers, and TBDs

Oh my my my do we have a good amount to discuss

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Following a blockbuster Week 1, we have a lot of questions, probably-wrong answers, and topics to discuss, like:

• USC: What the hell? Just ... what the hell?

• Is Texas back? In this moment, does it even matter after such an entertaining double-OT win over Notre Dame?

• Is there reason to be concerned about Clemson's Auburn survival?

• Why does anyone even try to tackle Georgia RB Nick Chubb?

• After a very on-brand effort (in a loss) vs. Texas A&M, will UCLA QB Josh Rosen eventually kill Jim Mora?

• Washington: One down, 14 to go.

• The SEC didn't dominate Week 1, is that OK?

• Houston is very good and Oklahoma is still probably good. What happens from here?

• Is Stanford's second-half offense something to be concerned about?

• Why in the hell do Pac-12 teams (like this week's losing Wazzu team) keep scheduling Eastern Washington?