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Tour de France

Be in the know for the Tour de France with our map and guide.

The anatomy of a Tour de France

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A taxonomy of all the fans you see at the Tour de France

The Tour de France has the most colorful cast of fans in the world. Here is one man’s attempt to categorize them all.

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How mountains create Tour de France legends

The Tour de France’s high mountains are perfect set pieces for the race’s greatest moments.

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A Tour de France fan went into hiding after wrecking the race with a sign

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Sunday’s stage 2 brings a streaker to the Tour de France

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My favorite jersey: ‘Team Slurpee’

Tour de France postponed until the end of August

The Tour de France belonged to Julian Alaphilippe

What happens after you crash out of the Tour de France?

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Tour Stage 20 Preview: Alpine Trilogy, Part 3 - An Ending and a Continuation

The Tour de France had to stop a stage because of a snow storm. In July

The Tour de France is so unfair

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Tour Stage Fourteen Preview: Nowhere to Hide

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Tour Stage Thirteen Preview: Time to Find Out Where we Stand

This cyclist quit the Tour de France in the middle of a stage, and nobody knows why

How to design a perfect Tour de France route

Two French riders rode a magnificent Tour breakaway together and my heart is soaring

How a Tour de France team saved itself from a Yellow Helmet Emergency

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What we Learned from Stage Six

Driving the Tour de France is a religious experience

No, Tour de France riders don’t get bored on flat stages ... usually

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Tour Stage Six Preview: Return to Hotties’ Hill

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Tour Stage Five Preview: Oh Heinrich, Where Art Thou?

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Tour Stage Four Preview: Oh Right, it is the First Week

How cycling can define a country

3 favorites and 1 sleeper in the 2019 Tour de France

This man ran the entire route of the Tour de France to raise money for mental health

Chris Froome’s disappointing Tour de France only strengthened his legend

Tour de France 2018: Schedule, TV/live stream options, map, and route

Tour de France 2018: Final results, standings, and more

Geraint Thomas wins the yellow jersey

Hate Team Sky, but Geraint Thomas’ yellow jersey was teamwork at its finest

How to watch the Tour de France ride to Paris

Tour de France 2018: Stage 20 time, TV schedule, and live stream info

The world’s 3 fastest cyclists are racing for 2 podium spots in the Tour de France’s final time trial