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Bomani & Jones: 'Bomani Cares Squat' about the BCS standings

The first BCS standings were released Sunday night. Here at "Bomani & Jones," we figured we'd give you our own BCS Standings. Why not? It'll mean just as much as what we've got.

C'mon. We get television shows, excitement and complaints for the first standings, even though they're missing a very important component -- everything. Maybe not everything, but how about all the important games that make the computer formulas worth paying attention to? Oh, and let's not forget those votes that'll come in the final poll that have nothing to do with what happens now. Right, the ones that come in from pollsters who are trying to fix the results to be what they think they should be, based on some principle that's useless to the BCS. Because, yanno, the BCS has no principles at all.

Well, we don't have computers. We don't even vote on anything whatsoever before November. But we guarantee our BCS Standings will be better than the real thing ... and just as useless.