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Team Hoyt, running for those who can't

For 34 years, Team Hoyt has been running races and inspiring others. In April, they'll be honored at the Boston Marathon. This is their story. Every runner has a reason. What's yours?

Rick Hoyt has crossed the finish line at 1,091 race events over the past 34 years: 252 triathlons -- six of which were Ironman distance -- and 70 marathons, including 30 Boston Marathons. And Rick Hoyt can't walk.

For 34 years, Rick Hoyt, who was born with cerebral palsy, leaving him without the ability to talk or use his limbs, has been racing with his dad. Using specially designed boats, bikes and wheelchairs, Dick Hoyt swims, cycles and runs with his son, inspiring thousands across the world.

"When I'm running," Rick says, "it feels like my disability disappears."

Rick utilizes a computer to communicate, which allows him to share his reasons for running as part of DICK'S Sporting Goods' #RunFor series:

"What do I run for? This answer has two parts. First, our first race was to show someone who acquired a disability that life goes on, and he could lead a productive life. The second reason, for running is to be an inspiration to others, you see."

Team Hoyt, as they're collectively known, are legends in the running and triathlon world, and in April, when they run their 31st Boston Marathon together, the father and son duo will be honored as such, with a life-sized bronze statue unveiled at the race start in Hopkinton.

"We are Team Hoyt, and we run for the people who think they can't run."