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Garcia vs. Matthysse: Angel Garcia's rant as fighters arrive

Angel Garcia, father and trainer for Danny Garcia, who fights Lucas Matthysse on the Mayweather vs. Canelo undercard Saturday night, had choice words for the media during fighter arrivals at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Below is the transcription of Angel Garcia's glorious rant:

"Everyone wants to be Filipinos, Argentinos, Chicaninos, Muninos ... Everybody wanna be ... Get the F outta here! Everyone ain’t gonna do s--t! He ain’t gonna do s--t! He ain’t gonna do s--t! And his trainer ain’t gonna do s--t!"

"Listen, listen, listen ... We do the same thing over and over, nothing changes. He doesn’t change our life, God does! Do you understand what I’m saying? He ain’t gonna do s--t! He aint gonna do s--t!"

"... Listen, listen ... if you gamble and don’t put your money on Danny, 'cause y'all gonna lose! Listen, Vegas don’t know nothing ... the world don’t know nothing ... only I know everything!"

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